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ALJ Issue Vol. 2, Issue 1 Fall 2018

Articles from the fall 2018 edition of the Aquinas Learning Journal.

Center Spotlight: Manila, Philippines

In October 2016, the Aquinas Learning (AL) founder, Rosario Reilly, visited Manila as an exhibitor at the Philippine Homeschool Convention and presented on Classical Education in a small group forum. After her presentation, five families eagerly registered as pilot families for Aquinas Learning Manila. They each were excited to apply the classical methods of education in homeschooling their children. Rosario provided in-depth training and advice for the new families via email and video conferencing. “We’re thankful for Rosario’s patience in mentoring us long-distance,” expressed one of the Manila families.

The Manila AL group currently has 12 students from Parva to Prima II. Each family uses AL at home at their own pace and gets together occasionally for field trips and special activities. As the first international group using AL, the Manila families, with the help of Rosario, have a unique opportunity to incorporate Philippine history, geography, and literature into the AL curriculum. Rosario has already completed a Philippine geography book that the families are using for Cycle 1 and she is currently developing Philippine history and literature supplements. The Manila families have also created a Philippine presidents rap based on the U.S. Presidents civics lessons of Cycle 3. A Filipino Heroes rap is also in the works.

According to the Manila families, the memory work songs are a big hit with the students, especially world history and science. The students also enjoy beholding science experiments. Family Read Alouds and good books are a favorite part of their homeschool experience as well; recent favorites include Around the World in 80 Days and Twenty-one Balloons.

As with all other AL families, the Manila families are intentionally learning to teach from rest, to trust in the Lord’s direction for them and their children, and to appreciate and behold the beauty and goodness in life. When asked to offer advice to others following in their footsteps, one Manila family responded, “press on and have no anxiety. Just send Aquinas Learning HQ all your questions!”

Siblings Aniya (6)and Ilai (8), reading their good books.

Siblings Aniya (6)and Ilai (8), reading their good books.

Photos in carousel show:

Siblings Unna (12), Datu (9), and Tristan (3) busy painting. They learned about Jean Francois Millet and copied his painting “The Gleaners.”

Siblings Miggy (13), Monique (8), and Matt (6) learning history.

Patrice (9) and Francis (3) beholding their science experiment- elephant toothpaste.

Art work by Patrice (9) and Zara (13), flower and eagle.

Rosario Reilly