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ALJ Issue Vol. 2, Issue 1 Fall 2018

Articles from the fall 2018 edition of the Aquinas Learning Journal.

Schola Alta Corner

ALTA I TIPS: Start Prep Before You Join

For a successful segway to Alta I from Prima II, don’t wait, start to prepare throughout the 6th grade year! Ideas below, pick all or a few to start forming habits that pave the way for a successful entry to Schola Alta.

Do not be afraid to enter a new venture. Prepare by putting your learned skills to work, and pray to the God of Peace to guide you.  Philippians 4:6-9 .

Do not be afraid to enter a new venture. Prepare by putting your learned skills to work, and pray to the God of Peace to guide you. Philippians 4:6-9.

• Pray for “the God of peace to be with you.” Philippians 4:6-9

• When possible, do the challenge exercises for IEW work, even if not required.

• Take one STEM class from the selection offered from your center.

• If you haven’t already, learn how and begin to track school work and goals in a weekly planner.

• Challenge yourself to join a book club and/or start reading more books that are not required reading for school.

• Make sure you stay on top of your SPII Workbook.

• Start organizing your work in a binder for easy review and to learn how to better organize.

• Take notes during class – in a separate notebook for later reference.

• Take typing lessons if you haven’t already.

• Learn to use technology tools such as Word, Power Point, Email…

• Keep on building good life habits: virtues, chores, living the liturgical calendar with your family!

ALTA II TIPS: Beginning Senior College Prep

By now your student has hopefully completed the PSAT test in October and submitted the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

The next step is for each Senior to prepare a profile/resume that contains all important information in one place. It should start with personal data: name, education, SAT/ACT scores. Then list clubs and activities they’ve been involved in, including for how long, any leadership positions held in them, and any honors or awards. Include work experience if any,also any volunteer work. Conclude with a personal statement about any other activities the student has been involved in, what they’ve learned, etc. This not only provides your Senior one place with all their information, but it can be attached to college applications as well, and can be handed to individuals they would like to receive recommendations from.

—Mrs. Cyndy Quinan, an experienced homeschool mother, has successfully launched her children to college and beyond. She can be reached at with questions.

You may be interested in a piece Cyndy wrote called “Helping Your Child Find the Right College ‘Fit’” that explores a unique approach to the college search.

In addition, there is a wealth of advice on choosing a college -- and especially why you should consider a faithful Catholic college—at The Cardinal Newman Society, including:

"Catholic Colleges Are Not All the Same" by Father C. John McCloskey

"Questions You Should Ask a College" by Newman Society Staff

"Blessings and Pitfalls of Dorm Life" by Kathryn Lopez

"Why You Should Study Theology and Philosophy" by Dr. Peter Kreeft

"Tips for the All-Important Campus Visit" by Newman Society Staff

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