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ALJ Vol. 2, Issue 2, March 2019

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Building in "Review" at Aquinas: Tried & Tested Strategies

The Question: How does one prepare for the quarterly review at home and make it fun? (While the Manassas Center makes review engaging by hosting a Jeopardy challenge for each class that covers the last quarter of work, parents are responsible for review preparation).

Ginette Tellado leads a class of Prima I boys in the Jeopardy review game.

Ginette Tellado leads a class of Prima I boys in the Jeopardy review game.

Answer: Parent & Mentor Tested Suggestions for Review Prep at Home

Make Use of the Visual & Audio Aids

• Don’t forget to make use of the memory work sheets in the parent’s guide! —Allison Lalli

• I make a copy of the Week At A Glance (WAG) for the week in question and highlight the review topics. We do the memory sentences for those as well as the workbook. My daughter listens to memory sentences for weeks 1-5 TWICE and for week 6 THREE times and that is pretty much it for review week. —Analia Maguire

• We listen through all the previous weeks' songs and pause to verbally review concepts where necessary. I make a simple Civics flip book so they could study the Civics concepts which I knew probably hadn't "stuck." —Caroline Ceigersmidt, Parva I Mentor

• I make sure the girls have completed their workbook up to week 6 and I check that it's all done. Whatever pages are not complete they go back to. The best way to review is to look at all the visual aids from weeks 1-6 and keep listening to the memory work songs. We listen to a different type of song on a different day (on Monday, listen to all the history songs, Tuesday all the catechism, Wednesday all the science). My girls do love to make up movements to the songs which apparently helps them learn it, so that is helpful. —Ginette Tellado, current Prima I mentor (boys), former Parva mentor

Remember Civics & Geography

• Remember to review Geography which is not included in memory works. —Christine Buehler, Prima II mentor (girls)

• For general review week we “go to the whiteboard” with civics because that is not covered on the CDs.—Parents Marc & Veronica Perrington

• My girls review the civics pages on their own after we have finished going over all the songs for the week (see above). —Ginette Tellado, current Prima I mentor (boys), former Parva mentor

Prep the Day Before and Get Dad Involved!

• Every Wednesday we prep for Thursday in some small way. My kids absorb more on Thursday when it is their second exposure than they do if it the first. We try to always listen to the songs the day before so they can ask questions particularly about terms, definitions, and pronunciations.

• I quiz them orally at random throughout the day (Wednesday) during non-school hours (during lunch/chore/cleanup/etc.). They know the songs, so I word the questions differently to challenge them. Example: “When did the Sumerian Civilization begin?” immediate response “I don’t know”—though they have the song down! That being said, our last day of review prep was just a bit more involved than other Wednesdays with the quizzing extending into dinner, bedtime prep, breakfast—they really got into it this time because Dad jumped on the quiz bandwagon! —Parents Marc & Veronica Perrington

Jeopardy Board prepared for Prima I girls by Jennifer Villella.

Jeopardy Board prepared for Prima I girls by Jennifer Villella.

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