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ALJ Vol. 2, Issue 2, March 2019

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Let's Get Technical!

How do you best make use of Aquinas Learning audio? *

Below are some suggestions from Aquinas Learning parents on how they prefer to make use of audio media.

  • Old fashioned CDplayer/CDs all the way! -- Judie Jolma

  • CDs in the car, and Bluetooth at the center and at home. -- Kate Lawhon

  • Bluetooth in the car and Alexa at home. -- Faith Rose

  • My husband added the songs from the CD to our apple music/iTunes library. So now either of us can play the music on our phones and computer, which has been great! Even my Samsung allowed me to download the apple music app to access our library. -- Francie Sutherland

  • I upload all the CD songs to my computer, arrange by subject, burn CDs, and use it in my car that way. We sing all the history sentences together - easier to get the chronological flow that way. The purchased CDs were arranged for ease of use for mentors when teaching a particular week. -- Rosario Tuason Reilly

    Note: Stream from the class website via your phone to a Bluetooth speaker in order to hear the songs ordered by week without having to do any extra work!

  • We use CDs in the car but also at home where we can move from room to room or study station to study station. -- Joyce Gregorio Esquig

  • Upload CDs to GooglePlay and play via Bluetooth from phone or speaker. -- Anna Duran

*(Note: AL audio materials are copyrighted and may only be copied for individual family use)

Aquinas Learning tracks uploaded to a playlist in  Google Play Music .

Aquinas Learning tracks uploaded to a playlist in Google Play Music.

Rosario Reilly