Aquinas Learning

Cost & Training

Costs to subscribe to the program, join a center, or start a center


$275 – Aquinas Learning subscription – 1st child (Parva/Prima/Alta)
(- $100 discount for additional children)

Includes access to the curriculum through a subscription to the online course site, parent guide, student workbook for each subscription (a Schola Alta Planner for SA students), online community access (Yahoo loops and Facebook private group), and subscription to the quarterly newsletter (AL Journal).


Required books

  • IEW – Theme Writing Book (Student/Teacher Combo for SPII level) ($50student/teacher edition; $24 student-only)
  • Geography Workbook – $14.95
  • Catechism Text – $25
  • Grammar Text: English Language Lessons (SPII level) (one-time purchase)  – $15
  • Timeline Pages (one-time purchase) – $14.95 – one per family
  • Books listed as “FRA” – family read-aloud or book reports for 6th graders (~$100 – classic books are also available in the library for free or used)

Sample cost for 1 student: $394.90*
Sample cost for 2 students in the same SPII program: $394.90 + $213.95 = $608.85*
Sample cost for 3 students, 2 in the SPII and 1 students in the SPI program: $394.90 + $213.95 + $189.95 = 798.80*

These amounts are approximate and don’t include the Family Read Aloud books and the optional materials below.

Optional materials/resources

  • Audio CD Set (includes CD1 and CD2) – $40 (or just CD1 for $20) – one per family
  • Time Trek Sticker Notebook – $28 – one per family
  • AL Student Planner – $17
  • Supplementary Resources and materials (not required for the program, but can enhance it further)
  • General School Supplies/uniforms



– AL subscription costs listed above PLUS…
– Center Tuition, facility fee, and materials fees.  (
Centers are licensed to use the Aquinas Learning Program at their center, and they are individually owned and operated.  Therefore, each center charges their own center fees.)

Sample cost to join the Manassas Center where Center Fee is $675 (tuition, facility, and materials)
Sample cost for 1 student: $394.90 + $675 = $1069.90
Sample cost for 2 students in the same SPII program: $394.90 + $213.95 = $608.85 + $675 + $675 = $1958.85


Defer costs by becoming a paid mentor.  Finance by using installment.  Apply for tuition scholarships at the discretion of the director.


For the Director:

Directors’ Tool Box: $350 – initial year payment to AL headquarters (renewal fee $175/yr)

  • Support in Starting a Center Using the Aquinas Learning Program
  • Access to Directors’ Webinars
  • Phone Consultation (initial consultation with a follow-up mid-year consultation)
  • Course Site Access to all program levels
  • Inclusion into the ALDirectors’ Yahoo Loop
  • Access to shared marketing materials (brochures, forms, etc.)
  • General Business Expenses (e.g. computer, printer, insurance, business cards, stationary, travel, meetings, training, office supplies, internet, name registration (d.b.a.), optional supplies for your center – center toys/games, P.E. equipment, lab equipment, art supplies, etc.

The $350 Director Administration Fee is to be paid before the start of the first year as a center.  If you decide not to start a center, this fee can be applied to your own subscription fee for the upcoming year.  Otherwise, it is non-refundable.


2018 Parent Practicum – April 26, 2018 (Manassas, VA) – A meeting geared toward how parents teach the program from home.

2018 Mentor Practicum – August 11, 2018  – A meeting geared toward those who plan to mentor in a classroom.


  • 1-Day live training in August every year (near Manassas, VA)
  • 1-Day live onsite training – cost of room and board, travel, and per diem for speaker to come to your location.
  • Live and recorded webinars throughout the year
  • Course site resources for mentors and for directors


Parent Guides have training material in them

AQUINAS LEARNING FAMILIES – anyone using the AL program – connect with anyone using the program

ALH – Aquinas Learning at Home – connect with “ALH” families to share at-home applications

MENTORS – connect with other mentors and share teaching ideas

DIRECTORS – connect with directors to share center and directing ideas


Learn about Classical Education – blog and apprentice program – blog and Classical U