Aquinas Learning


What does it all mean?

Program Levels

Schola Prima Parva - "Little School" Preschool through Kindergarten
Schola Prima I - Kindergarten - 3rd Grade
Schola Prima II - 4th Grade - 6th Grade
Schola Alta I - 7th - 8th Grade
Schola Alta II - 9th - 12th Grade
Schola Alta III - mostly for 11-12th grade when available
* More on Schola Alta...

How do I subscribe and what do I receive?

Go to the STORE to subscribe to the Aquinas Learning Program.

A SUBSCRIPTION is required to use the Aquinas Learning curriculum.  The current price is $275 for the first child in the Parva - Prima II level; and $150 for any additional children.  For Schola Alta, the subscription is $75/course or $275/bundle subscription (the "bundle" includes the "IHP"- Integrated Humanities Program courses: Catechism, History, English (Lit/Comp), Latin, Logic, and Art/Music Appreciation.)

The SUBSCRIPTION includes:

  • Each family receives one PARENT GUIDE for the subscribed level/s. 
  • Each student receives a STUDENT WORKBOOK (it's really a portfolio of what they've studied in a year). 
  • Each family is registered into the COURSE SITE.  The course site serves as an electronic filing cabinet for our curriculum where the curriculum is organized by week.

If you are using AL at home as an ALH family, you don't need to enroll anywhere and pay additional tuition and center fees.

If you want to join a center (each are independently-owned and operated and are licensed to use the Aquinas Learning program at their center), you must go to the CENTERS page in order to follow directions or get more information about enrolling at their center.

What do I need to Order?

From the Aquinas Learning STORE, you have to "subscribe" to the program. 
You can also purchase materials we produce: Timeline Pages, Time Trek Sticker Notebook, Audio CDs (a recording of our memory work in song - this is convenient for anyone who wants to practice in their car).  Only the Timeline Pages are required.  You DO NOT need to order "extra books."  That option is there for mentors who don't have a child in that level or directors who may want to order extra books for displays.

From other sources: Amazon, Lulu, you can order other required and supplemental books.  To figure out which items you'll need to order, please go to the BOOKLIST 2018.

Schola Alta?

Schola Alta I - usually for 7-8th graders, although it can also be used by 6th and 9th or older students.  That's left to the teacher or homeschooler parent to decide.

Classes for SA I students are usually named with a "I" - Catechism I, History I, English (Lit/Comp) I, Logic I, etc.

Schola Alta II - usually 9-12th graders.
Classes for SA II students are usually labeled with a "II" - Catechism II, History II, etc.

This connotes level, not the year number.  So, if you were a 7th grader this year, you would have taken: Catechism I, History I, etc.  Next school year, as an 8th grader, you would still take Catechism I, History I.  The main difference is that the content will be different.  This year, your 7th grader may be studying Modern European History, next year, they would be learning about Ancient History (at the History I level).

The only exception is Latin, where you would choose the Latin level appropriate to your previous knowledge of Latin: Intro Latin (beginner), Latin I (intermediate), Latin II (Advanced).  We actually recommend that each student take 2 years of each Latin level.

We are also offering STEAM courses for Math, Science, Spanish, etc.  We normally label those "MS" for middle school or Schola Alta I and "HS" for high school of Schola Alta II.  However, because these courses are taken at different times by different people (Algebra 1 taken in 7th, 8th, or 9th grade), we don't limit attendance to certain ages.  Again, this would be up to the families and teachers.  Some courses such as Algebra 1 may need a prerequisite or entrance test.