Aquinas Learning


Bealeton/Warrenton, VA


Aquinas Bealeton - Opening fall of 2020

* Please come and learn all about our philosophy of education. The structure and day-to-day will be based on the needs of the community.

* For this center to open this fall, we will need to gauge interest during the Open Houses, and we will need parents to sign up to be MENTORS in the fall.

* Since this is a new center, we cannot promise that it will be a drop-off unless we have at least 15 families and all mentor positions are filled. (This is also the reason you would be saving $150 per student on tuition compared to the Manassas Center this year).

Aquinas Bealeton
St. Anne’s Campus
6342 Mintbrook Lane
Bealeton, VA

2020-2021 Meeting Days: 
Fridays - (Preschool - 6th grade) - 9:00 - 3:00

Arrival time is between 8:15 - 8:30 - join us in a Rosary.
Morning Assembly 8:30: Morning Prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, Virtue of the Week, Saint of the Week, and Announcements.

Director: Rosario Reilly
Administrative Assistant: Mrs. Joann Mooney

STEPS to enroll in Aquinas Bealeton: (Please read Application Procedure and Refund Policy below)

  1. SUBSCRIBE to the Aquinas Learning Program - to receive access to the course site, Curriculum Guides, the curriculum, and to the community.

  2. ENROLL to join the Bealeton Center - to reserve a spot at the once-a-week center meeting.
    (There are also seats available for the
    STEM&A courses at the Manassas Center - Click on “SINGLE” courses. See course listing here.)

    *If you enroll and there is no space, you will be put on the waiting list and notified if space opens up. All fees are refundable if we can't place even 1 child in your family. The subscription fee is non-refundable. The Enrollment Tuition for a spot at the Bealeton Center is refundable if we are able to find a replacement by August 1, 2020. After that date, the tuition for the Bealeton Center will also be non-refundable at the discretion of the director.

    (Full tuition payment is due on July 1, 2020 or as soon as you enroll, unless you elect to pay in installments. The first installment is $300 due upon enrollment. We will follow-up with invoices on September 15 and November 15 for the remaining payments.)

  3. Document: 2020 documents will be released in the spring of 2020.

(Please make sure you SUBSCRIBE to the Aquinas Learning Program before enrolling to the Aquinas Bealeton Center)

Enrollment Tuition and Center Fees for 2019-2020

  1. SUBSCRIPTION - access to the curriculum, course site, parent guides, community loops and pages

    Subscription to PARVA & PRIMA LEVELS - $175/level/family: Parva (Pk-K), Prima I (gr. 1-3), Prima II (gr. 4-6)

    * The subscription fees are non-refundable once access to the course is provided.
    * A parent guide e-book will be included in the subscription fee.
    * The subscription fee does not include Curriculum “Visual Aids” Packets or Student Workbooks. Materials can be purchased separately in the “store."

  2. CENTER ENROLLMENT - TUITION - enrollment to take a seat at a center

    Schola Parva & Prima (PK-6) - 28 weeks:  $450* (plus $125 facility/supplies fee) - pilot year rates

    * Final Tuition fees must be received by June 1, 2020 or due immediately if subscribing past June 1 (unless installment arrangements are made). Any payments received thereafter are only refundable if we cannot provide space for any of the children in a family, otherwise, all fees are non-refundable. Arrangements can be made for payments to be made in 3 installment payments.

    * PLEASE NOTE: Enrollment fees do not include personal school supplies, uniforms, or required books and materials. 

Aquinas Bealeton Center admits students of any race, religion, creed, color, national, and ethnic origin; considers all records confidential; reserves the right to deny, cancel, sever, or suspend a child's enrollment if deemed in the best interested of the child or Aquinas Learning.