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Bishop Burbidge calls homeschool families a gift to the Church; Aquinas Learning Featured

Aquinas Learning families attended a recent mass for homeschool families from the Arlington Diocese. Aquinas Learning was featured in the follow-up article. Full article linked here.

Also present at the reception was Rosario Reilly, founder of Aquinas Learning, a hybrid homeschool program that continues to draw parents to the area. Students meet once a week at the Manassas Center, which currently has 133 homeschool students. For the four remaining weekdays they "homeschool" and review what they learned on that school day, Thursday.

“Essentially it is a curriculum for homeschoolers. The bottom line is to teach them classically and to instill a sense of wonder,” Reilly said. “Thursday is a full day of school: they are in uniform, participating in Socratic discussions and classical education that all point toward truth, goodness and beauty.”

The first graduating class matriculated last year. It was a class of three: one student attends Benedictine College in Kansas, another the University of Navarra in Spain and the third goes to Villanova University in Pennsylvania.

Rosario Reilly