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2018-2019 Course Offerings


Subscription & Enrollment to the Parva/Prima Level Classes - K-6th grade
Subscription & Enrollment to the Schola Alta Level Courses (Bundle & Individual Courses) - 7-12th grade

Subscriptions - give you access to the course materials/course site
Enrollments - give you access to attending a center offering the Aquinas Learning curriculum.  Since these centers are individually owned and operated, details & pricing may vary depending on the center you plan to attend.  Please check with the director at the specific center for more information.

STEP 1 - Go to the "STORE" to subscribe.  This subscription applies to those enrolling at centers and those using the Aquinas Learning program independently from home (ALH).  That's all you need in order to be subscribed to the program, get access to the course site, receive a parent guide, and a student workbook to get started.  Materials and Course Site Access will be available in July (materials are being edited and updated at this moment).  Read more about subscribing below... For those joining a center, go to the next step.

STEP 2 - To ENROLL to a center using the AL program, please go to the CENTERS drop-down menu, click on your center, and follow directions on those pages.

Subscription details:

To SUBSCRIBE to the Parva (PS-PK), Prima I (K-3), and Prima II (4-6) Levels, use the Parva-Prima Subscription.  Enter your first child (quantity "1") for the $275 subscription and add it to the cart.  Go back and enter the quantity you need for "Additional Students" for the lower subscription rate of $150/student.

To SUBSCRIBE to the Schola Alta Levels (7-12), choose either the "bundle" subscription for $275/year/student or enter a quantity for individual courses at $75/course.  In the case of SA courses, you must ENTER ONE FORM PER STUDENT.  Even if you subscribe to the bundles, you still need to check off which courses you need so that your student will be subscribed to the correct course (e.g. Intro Latin vs. Latin II).  Courses for SA I (7-8) students are usually labeled "I" (e.g. Catechism I is for SA I students).  Courses for SA II (9-12) students are usually labeled "II" (e.g. Catechism II is for SA II students).

Currently, only Manassas students are going to be allowed to enroll/subscribe to the STEaM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts, Math) classes. We are developing the course site with these courses as we teach them at Manassas.  In the future, we should have these options available to other AL users.

If you have any further questions, please email us at