Aquinas Learning

Schola Alta (7-12th grade)

Middle & High School

At the Middle School and High School level, our students develop a greater sense of responsibility and self-discipline in both their academic and personal pursuits.  They practice good judgment in speaking and acting.  They are expected to maintain their own weekly planner in order to manage their priorities. Although, there is more hand-holding and training at the 7/8th grade level. The goal is to continue seeking truth with friends, increased responsibility, more freedom (to act rightly), and focused attention to what God is calling them to be in this world.

SA I - Schola Alta I - 7-9th grade
SA II - Schola Alta II - 10-12th Grade
* There is obviously some flexibility here, but our experience shows that this is the best split for their age level. In some cases, the classes are mixed 7-12th grade when necessary. For example, at Manassas, we will have an all-girls SA Catechism (7-12th), and an all-boys SA Catechism (7-12th) and the same mix for History for various reasons. However, they will be split by level, not sex, during Lit/Comp (different levels read different books), Latin (split based on Latin levels), and Logic (Foundational Formal Logic is a prerequisite to taking Philosophy-Advanced Formal Logic Study).

Integrated Humanities Program

History – C1 – Ancient Era; C2 – Medieval Times & the Founding of Christendom; C3 – Modern & American History

Fine Arts – Art & Music appreciation integrated to the time frame they are currently studying

Theology – C1 – Scriptures – OT; C2 – Scriptures – NT; C3 – Catechism of the Catholic Church

Logic – To order thinking in order to perceive truth and to act rightly based on right reason.

Classic Language – Intro Latin & Latin I – in preparation for the National Latin Exams

Literature – “Good & Great Books” study integrated with history cycle

Composition – Classical Composition (Lost Tools of Writing)

Rhetoric – oral Presentations, speeches, and debates

The Schola Alta program is being written as we conduct the classes. In effect, everyone participating in Schola Alta during these beta years is helping to develop the program. It is subject to change and students, parents, and mentors must be willing to be flexible if they plan to join the Schola Alta beta years.


  • Backpack

  • Lunchbox

  • Water bottle (SPILL PROOF!)

  • Weekly Planner

  • Pencil case with: 2-3 sharpened-pencils, a few pens, colored pencils, highlighter, vis-à-vis or dry-erase thin marker, eraser, and a personal pencil sharpener

  • Plastic, three-pronged soft folder with pockets and 7 page protectors (to hold the syllabus for each subject and the integrated curriculum overview)

  • 5 subject notebook – (Catechism, History, Lit/Comp, Speech & Debate, Latin)

  • 1 inch binder with dividers: Catechism, History, Literature, Composition, Speech & Debate, Latin, Fine Arts, Assignment Sheets

  • 1 composition notebook (for the Common Place Journal – a collection of great quotes and maxims)