Aquinas Learning

Schola Prima I (K-3)

Sessions & Supplies

Morning Session

  • Core Subject Studies: Catechism, History, Science,
  • Memory Works: Latin/Greek, Geography, History Timeline, Civics, Math Facts
  • Oral presentations
  • Good Books – Discussions after an in-class Read-aloud or based on the family read-aloud.  Some weeks are dedicated to the study of poetry.
  • Group class:
  • Science Experiments (integrated with the Science sentences, conducted every three weeks)
  • Music Appreciation & Gregorian Chant (1st semester)
  • Art Appreciation & Integrated Art Lessons (2nd semester)


Afternoon Session

  • Handwriting (practicing both manuscript and cursive directed handwriting to enhance the use of varying brain functions affected by the practice of handwriting, using the Palmer Method).
  • Copy work (copying works of poetry, great quotes, sayings, etc. for the purpose of reading good content slowly)
  • PAL – Primary Arts of Language – Writing program by IEW
  • Philosophy – wondering about and discussing ideas
  • Independent Play at Centers



  • Backpack
  • Seasonal change of clothing (if needed)
  • Lunchbox
  • Water bottle (SPILL PROOF!)
  • Pencil case with personal writing utensils:  3-5 sharpened pencils, a yellow highlighter with a rounded tip, an eraser, & 2-3 pens
  • For classroom box: 1 set of thick or thin markers, colored pencils, vis-à-vis or dry-erase thin black marker, a glue stick, 8-count watercolor, and safety scissors. – these are to be left in class
  • Plastic, three-pronged soft folder with pockets and 5 page protectors
  • Art smock or old t-shirt – to be left in class
  • Sketch pad – 8X10 (you can continue using your old one if you still have pages) – spiral bound or loose leaf in a portfolio
  • AL Workbook
  • AL Geography Workbook
  • 1 composition notebook