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Parva - Prima II Subscription

Parva - Prima II Subscription

from 150.00

Aquinas Learning Subscription for the Parva - Prima II level - 28-week curriculum for the Parva (PS-K), Prima I (1-3rd grade), or Prima II (4-6th grade) levels.

This subscription to the AL Program includes a Parent Guide, Visual Aids, a Student Workbook, and Access to the Curriculum Course Site. Subscribers also receive an invitation to join the shared email loops that connect other AL Parva/Prima I/Prima II families.

This Subscription Fee is non-refundable (but transferable) and does not include textbooks, uniforms, and school supplies, and CENTER ENROLLMENT FEES (e.g. tuition, facility fee, materials fee, etc.). Go to CENTER page to learn more about enrollment procedures and deadlines.

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Application Procedures & Standards

By registering you recognize that you: 

  • understand that the Subscription Fee is NON-REFUNDABLE after the materials have been sent or July 1st 2017, whichever comes first.
  • understand that these materials are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without prior permission.
  • understand that I am the main mentor and I am solely responsible for following the program and making sure my child is fully engaged in the curriculum.
  • understand that the prices listed below DO NOT include center fees (e.g. tuition, materials, and facility fees), school supplies, textbooks (other than the Parent Guide/s and Student Workbooks), and supplementary materials.

Risk Waiver

By registering you agree that you will not hold Aquinas Learning Headquarters, the individual classical home school centers providing the Aquinas Learning curriculum (herein called “the center”) or the facility liable in any way in case of accident, injury or illness while our child is attending the center. You will assume full responsibility for any Accident/Medical Insurance needed for our child in the case of accidental injury, or the like, while our child is attending this center. We will not hold Aquinas Learning or the facility responsible in any manner for injury. You will not hold Aquinas Learning Headquarters, liable in any way for any errors, omissions and mismanagement that occurs in the licensed centers. These centers are all individually owned and operated and have licensed to use our program and curriculum but are in no way under our management.

Parent Compliance Waiver

We, the parents, are the primary educators of our children and recognize that Aquinas Learning is a mentoring service to our home school. We recognize that Aquinas Learning is a registered business name, a name we cannot use when registering our home school with our state department of education. We may use the Aquinas Learning program as our curriculum source but WILL NOT enroll our home school in partnership with Aquinas Learning on our state's home school registration form. Regardless whether or not our child completes the year, we will pay the full tuition amount due to the center. We also understand that each center is individually owned and operated. They are NOT franchises and, though they use the Aquinas Learning curriculum and program, are not under any supervision or control by Aquinas Learning, LLC. The centers rely on registered tuition, not subsidies or donations, to pay for their operating expenses, a large amount of which goes toward paying mentors for their services. 

Model / Photo Release

Photos and videos taken at any center licensed to use the Aquinas Learning program may be used for promotional materials or the website. I acknowledge that Aquinas Learning may use my child/ren’s image without compensation or permission.