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2019 - Cycle 2 Subscriptions & Materials

PRIOR TO SUBSCRIBING and PURCHASING materials, please use this WORKSHEET (LINK) to find out what you will need to “purchase” a subscription to join the Aquinas Learning Program. Watch the 2019 Virtual Open House, where we give step by step directions:

Subscriptions include: Access to the curriculum via the COURSE SITE, a downloadable "Parent Guide" (with an explanation of each portion of the program and a 28-week curriculum overview), Resource Folders, Extra materials online, (e.g. Good Books stories and discussions, Philosophy materials, lesson plans for the Behold classes of Art, Science, and Music, invitations to community social media platforms, member discounts with vendors.

Subscriptions DO NOT include: Curriculum Packets (visual aids) and Student Workbooks.

Subscriptions will be refundable up until access to the course and/or printed materials are ordered (end of May). If your a member, you will receive notification about a refund deadline. Our target date for course site and materials processing is early June. Our developers and editors need time to review the materials in order to update and edit for new information or typos.

The same refund conditions apply whether or not you plan to join a center. Hopefully, a center can tell you well before the end of May whether or not they have space for you to enroll. If your center has no room, you may continue as an ALH family independently using the Aquinas Learning program until the time you are able to join the center. Subscription to the program and enrollment to a center are two completely different transactions by two different organizations. If you’re subscribing in May, perhaps it’s best to first check your center’s availability before going through with the subscription.

When you subscribe to our program and click on the center of your choice, that generates an email to the center Director to indicate that there is someone interested in joining their center. At that point, the director should contact you with further instructions. You might find further details and instructions in their Center Page off of our Home Page. We are not responsible for placing you at a center. We don’t even know how many spaces are available at a given center.

Yes, you certainly may. We need your time, talent, and treasure. You can email us if you have any experience with marketing, app design, website design, business, finance, and really any skill or talent that you think might benefit the program. Contact us at

You may also make a monetary donation. Aquinas Learning is an LLC, and considered a “for profit” company. While your donation cannot be tax-deductible at this time, we would be grateful for any contributions to help improve and grow the Aquinas Learning program while keeping costs low for our customers, the single-income, homeschooling families. We are eager to bring the curriculum to the next level of beautification. Your donations will help us improve the curriculum, the current materials, add more resources, improve web functionality, program operations, and help with spreading the word about our program. The last donation level includes $100 for Aquinas Learning and one subscription scholarship for our Scholarship Fund to be awarded to students for a variety of reasons (e.g. Essay writing contest, large family in need, etc.) Thank you very much for your consideration!

How to start using the Aquinas Learning Program:

1. Choose a subscription level:
- Parva, Prima I, & Prima II - subscription price is per level per family
- Schola Alta I Bundle, Schola Alta II Bundle, & Single Courses - subscription price is per student

2. Purchase the Aquinas Learning materials needed:
- Each family will receive a free pdf Parent Guide for the level to which they subscribed
- Families only need to purchase1 Curriculum (Visual Aids) Packet per Level. Note: You only need 1 PRIMA Curriculum Packet per family, because it contains all you need for both Prima I and Prima II students
- Purchase 1 student workbook for each student

3. Choose a setting:
- ALH - Aquinas Learning at Home - do it independently in your home at your own pace without joining a community
- Join a Center (independently-owned and operated) licensed to use the Aquinas Learning Program in order to learn in community with classmates and form life-long friendships. To find a Center, click on this LINK. Note, joining a center will usually mean enrolling for a seat at the center. There are additional TUITION costs involved. Contact the Center Director to get more details about the costs as well as directions for enrolling.

4. ATTENTION MANASSAS AREA families (including Bealeton/Warrenton and Sterling families): Go to each CENTER’S PAGE and follow directions for subscribing AND enrolling.

2019 Single Courses (Schola Alta)

2019 Single Courses (Schola Alta)


SINGLE Schola Alta courses are for those who would like to take a couple of classes of the IHC (Integrated Humanities Curriculum) courses and/or a STEM&A (STEM and arts) classes.

If you were to subscribe to more than 3 IHC classes, it’s recommended you subscribe to the Bundle Schola Alta Level.

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