Aquinas Learning


2019 - Cycle 2 Subscriptions & Materials

PRIOR TO SUBSCRIBING and PURCHASING materials, please use this WORKSHEET (LINK) to find out what you will need to “purchase” a subscription to join the Aquinas Learning Program. Watch the 2019 Virtual Open House webinar prior to subscribing.

How to start using the Aquinas Learning Program:

1. Choose a subscription level:
- Parva, Prima I, & Prima II - subscription price is per level per family
- Schola Alta I Bundle, Schola Alta II Bundle, & Single Courses - subscription price is per student

2. Purchase the Aquinas Learning materials needed:
- Each family will receive a free pdf Parent Guide for the level to which they subscribed
- Families only need to purchase1 Curriculum (Visual Aids) Packet per Level. Note: You only need 1 PRIMA Curriculum Packet per family, because it contains all you need for both Prima I and Prima II students
- Purchase 1 student workbook for each student

3. Choose a setting:
- ALH - Aquinas Learning at Home - do it independently in your home at your own pace without joining a community
- Join a Center (independently-owned and operated) licensed to use the Aquinas Learning Program in order to learn in community with classmates and form life-long friendships. To find a Center, click on this LINK. Note, joining a center will usually mean enrolling for a seat at the center. There are additional TUITION costs involved. Contact the Center Director to get more details about the costs as well as directions for enrolling.

4. ATTENTION MANASSAS AREA families (including Bealeton/Warrenton and Sterling families): Go to each CENTER’S PAGE and follow directions for subscribing AND enrolling.