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Contemplations on Classical Education

Aquinas Learning Journal Vol. II, Issue 1: Ten Years (Fall 2018)

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Individual articles linked below.

Director’s Corner: A Contemplation on a Decade of Aquinas Learning

Understanding Aquinas Learning: Behind the Behold Class: Unleashing the Power of Wonder

Center Spotlight & Artwork: Manila, Philippines

Schola Alta Corner: Tips for parents/students of Schola Alta I & II

Family Feature & Liturgical Life Segment: Montana Family Shares Faith Through Rosary Making

Of Cycle 1 Interest—Portrait of Mary, Mother of God, Influenced by Egyptian Art/Culture

Delightful Moments, Shared Inspirations: Moments of wonder and inspiration from the AL community

New: Join Aquinas Learning Parent & Mentor Reading Club (Teaching From Rest, Dec. 1, 2018)

Bishop Applauds Homeschool Families