Aquinas Learning

ALJ Vol. 2, Issue 2, March 2019

Articles from the latest edition of the Aquinas Learning Journal.

Snapshot: The Life of a Homeschool Dad

Every homeschool parent has had to juggle more than one proverbial ball at some point, and this photo of a parent and mentor at Aquinas Learning Vancouver poignantly captures just such a moment.

A few words about the photo: The photo shows the Prima II class Aquinas Vancouver where the father is a substitute mentor.

On homeschooling, in his own words: While I appreciate the heroic work of teachers in public, private, and parochial schools, I contend that homeschooling is uniquely suited to the cultivation of virtue and the orientation of all learning to the knowledge, love, service, and enjoyment of God—for both the students and parent-teacher. On a merely practical level, homeschooling offers to my children educational opportunities that they might not find in other settings, such as (but not limited to) flexibility in pacing, integration of studies, and immersion in our family culture. On a more sublime level, however, homeschooling echoes the eternal exchange of love, goodness, truth, and beauty between the Father, Son, and Spirit and thus—in its own impoverished way—draws us closer to the inner life of the Trinity. Although sometimes incredibly difficult, homeschooling ranks among the greatest gifts a family can give to itself, a sacrifice by which we receive the grace of God and help each other to become saints.

--This homeschooling father was introduced to Aquinas Learning by families at his parish. His family is completing their third year with Aquinas Learning and their first year with Aquinas Vancouver. He has homeschooled students in Parva, Prima I, Prima II, and high school, as well as one student with special needs.

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Rosario Reilly