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Getting Started

Each Aquinas Learning Center is an independently-owned and operated classical Catholic homeschool center licensed to provide the Aquinas Learning Program.

How do I Start My Own Center?

Each center is independently owned and operated and is licensed to use the Aquinas Learning program. They are not franchisees or corporate-owned centers.

We recommend not using the term "co-op" because the connotation is that it’s a group of moms getting together to share their time and talents in a volunteer situation, without a full commitment to the program. We have found that this set-up leads to a group with a few doing most if not all, the work with the rest doing the least amount of work possible.

Our model of a tuition-run center creates a sense of professionalism, purpose, and propriety (respecting and acknowledging the work done by directors and mentors). Parents purchase a subscription to the Aquinas Learning Program and pay the director a separate fee to enroll at the center.  The tuition and fees depend on the cost of running a center and how much you would like to pay yourself as a director.  The director pays her mentors to teach for a contracted amount of time.  I pay them a percentage of the tuition received.  Clearly you’ll need mentors who are dedicated and committed to their children, the rest of the children, and the mission, since their pay is minimal.  Parents are expected to volunteer during center day to ensure the students’ safety, to monitor and supervise during lunch period, to socialize with other classical education-loving parents, to maintain and build the school community.

What are the steps to directorship?

1. You need a group

2. You need a location

3. You need training

4. You need to have experienced the curriculum for at least a year.

5. You need to fill out a Director License application and schedule a phone interview.

6. Once accepted for the license, you will be sent a License Contract which will give you the permission to use the Aquinas Learning Program for you center.

7. Purchase the Director Package ($375 – 1st year / $150 subsequent years) for the items listed below.


Director Package Includes:

1. Directors’ Business Guide

2. Director webinars (still under development)- to include topics such as hiring mentors, classroom environment, mentor webinars for each component of the program, budgeting, marketing, yearly calendar from registration to graduation…etc.

3. Online email access for support

4. AL Director Loop – join the director community

4. Space on the AL Website and a sub-page

5. Marketing materials – digital copies which can be formatted for your own center

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